INTRODUCING ETA THETA


Eta Theta Chapter was founded in 1967 at the Norris-Vincent College of Business at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. For the past 51 years, the Eta Theta Chapter has aimed for personal and professional development of not just our brothers, but the entire community of San Angelo.

We're honored to become:

  • The Most Improved Collegiate Chapter
  • The Outstanding Scholastic Development

We perceive ourselves as a truthful family that members support each other to define direction, discover further capability, construct confidence, professionalism and maturity.

We create a comparable version to a realistic business with committees presenting departments of a company. We generate opportunities for students to experience expected obligation and responsibility in their area of interest ranging from finance, professional events to merchandise and marketing.

We are not just a Business Fraternity, we are a Brotherhood. Together we conceive the most significant and valuable memories through social activities and communities services.

Joining Delta Sigma Pi is not only for the few years you're in university. This is a lifelong membership that will help continue your growth in networking, the collegiate and professional world.